Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Extra Mile Scotland - a website acknowledging good service in Scottish tourism

Here's a great idea to help you get the best out of your visit to Scotland - and to encourage people in the Scottish tourism sector to provide the best service they can!

Two experts on the industry, Gilbert Summers and Johanna Campbell, have set up a website where anyone who has experienced out of the ordinary service of any kind anywhere in Scotland can leave a comment highlighting the fact, and can also provide a hyperlink to the website of the business they are praising for going the extra mile.

It is best explained in their own words:

"What exactly is Extra Mile Scotland?

Scotland has plenty of training schemes for those within the tourism industry. And there are lots of good places with lots of qualifications and awards. You’ll also meet plenty of people who are proud of both their country and their business. Taken altogether, there should be instances where it all comes together and you, the end user, are highly pleased by the experience. That’s what we want to hear about!

And, given that tourism is a ‘people business’, we also think that even the everyday can be illuminated and made special by someone who tries that bit harder.

That’s the Extra Mile. It’s all about situations where the service ‘exceeded expectation’. If you appreciated it, then this is the place to acknowledge it for the benefit of other visitors.

Click on the interactive Scotland map on the right to see who’s already there. You can view the comments here by location or by list.

Or let us know now who should be in. Remember, we’re not just looking for five-star places. We are interested in specific examples from any kind of venue where you’ve left feeling good about your treatment, for whatever reason.

What Extra Mile Scotland is not

By the way, we haven’t got this cool site designed so you can whinge about somewhere you didn’t like. Quite the opposite. Our philosophy for this site is that if it ain’t good, it ain’t in. (Though, to be fair, if you really do disagree with an entry you should still let us know.)"

So, if you have had a really good experience during a Scotland vacation, let everybody know.

Likewise, you can make good use of this site when planning your holiday in Scotland to make sure you receive excellent service everywhere you go!

Here's that link again:


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