Friday, May 18, 2007 - New Website For Bikers Features Southwest Scotland And Northern Ireland

Here's a nice example of regions working together that aren't even on the same island!

Rather than write a comment, I'll just let you read the press release from VisitScotland:

Another First for Dumfries & Galloway!

A new website for motorcyclists travelling around Dumfries & Galloway and then over to Northern Ireland has been launched and it’s the first time two countries have joined forces to promote to Motorcyclists across the UK.

The website includes maps and listings for 70 accommodation providers, who welcome bikers, and many of which are bikers themselves.

The site has over 1,300 miles of suggested routes, designed by local bikers, around Dumfries & Galloway and over into Northern Ireland. More routes will be added to the site in the future.

Dave Smith, Buccleuch Hotel, Moffat said: “It's so good to see local businesses working together to realise the potential of the bikers market".

Karen Wilson from VisitScotland said:

“We hope that bikers from Ireland and the rest of the UK will use the site when planning trips to Dumfries & Galloway. Accommodation Businesses featured on the site are there because they have a genuine desire to attract bikers. A lot of the businesses have special offers available for bikers through the site, and some businesses are members of our Bikers Welcome Scheme.

“Many of the owners are bikers themselves and are happy to provide safe parking or suggestions for great routes to see the area at its best. The site also has live traffic and weather information as well as an up to date list of bike related events.

“Our roads have always been popular with bikers and the recent good weather has added to this. There will be a lot of bikers travelling through the region in the next few weeks for events like the North West 200. We hope that they will use this site to find accommodation that they know will cater for their needs, or to find a good run they haven’t done before!”

Local bikers are invited to give suggestions for more gorgeous routes in the west which can be added to this website.

The site was developed after research carried out last year identified motorcyclists as a good market for accommodation providers. Dumfries & Galloway LEADER+ linked up with other LEADER companies in Northern Ireland to work on the project. Funds for the Scottish side of the initiative were provided by VisitScotland Dumfries & Galloway and LEADER+ Dumfries & Galloway.

Visit the site at or contact Helen Keys for further information at, Tel: +44(0)28 8674 7908

For further information, please contact:
Karen Leithead, External Relations Executive
Tel: +44(0)1750 23818
Mobile: +44(0)7785590123

Incidentally, Wigtown (Scotland's National Book Town) is not on any of the routes shown (yet), but close to two where they touch Newton Stewart. Deborah and Andrew Firth of Hillcrest House Guesthouse and Restaurant are particularly welcoming to motorcyclists and frequently have visitors on their way to or from Northern Ireland. I know this because we used to live across the road from them!

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Connage Highland Dairy

A connoisseur of fine Scottish cheeses pointed out this site to me as the "rising star in Scotland's cheese firmament" (the cheese that is, not the website!).

The Connage Highland Dairy is on the family farm Milton of Connage, which is fully organic, at Ardersier on Moray Firth - just up from Inverness, the battlefield of Culloden, and Cawdor (remember Shakespeare's Thane of Cawdor from Macbeth and Cawdor Castle, home of the Queen Mother?) .

Its 130 cows "feast" on "luscious clover pastures" to produce the milk used to make a range of handcrafted vegetarian cheeses using traditional techniques.

These include Clava (Brie style), Dunlop, Cromal (a semi hard cheese), Smoked Dunlop & Crowdie , of which, my expert Gordon tells me, Connage Dunlop is the star! (He says although he still prefers the Wester Lawrenceton Farm Sweet Milk, this runs it a close second!)


If Scottish food interests you, you should definitely check this out!

Connage Highland Dairy