Thursday, April 12, 2007

Whisky Tours in Scotland : West Coast Whisky Trail

I just came across this website promoting "The WhiskyCoast".

According to the BBC, sixteen whisky brands have joined forces to form a new company to promote the produce of coastal distilleries under this banner. They have been joined by three tour companies, 18 hotels, restaurants, golf courses and attractions.

The area being promoted goes from Campbelltown in the south to Fort William and the Isle of Skye in the north. The Whisky Coast is intended to encourage tourists to spend more time in and around the west of Scotland.

In addition to the website, a 30 page brochure has been created.

On the website you can find information about Islay/Jura/Campbeltown, Arran, Oban/Mull and Fort William/Isle of Skye, including details of how to get there.

Under "News & Events" you can sign up to their (e)mailing list and get a "whisky feed" (RSS of course, what were you thinking of....;-) ).

It says you can book a tour, though I couldn't find where (except to fill out the contact form perhaps), I also couldn't find where to order the brochure, but perhaps that is all coming, as of writing this the site - and the initiative - has just launched.

There is also an interactive tour map showing the 16 distilleries, each with its own brief description - check it out!

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Whisky Tours in Scotland : West Coast Whisky Trail

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