Friday, May 19, 2006 News - Sir Walter Scott joins Da Vinci Code trail

Today the film "The Da Vinci Code" opens, and in this connection the Scotsman newspaper published this item telling us that the home of the famous Scottish novelist Sir Walter Scott, Abbotsford (Galashiels, near Melrose and Selkirk in the Borders region of Southern Scotland) has now joined the trail of Da Vinci Code fans and conspirational theorists - because the library ceiling there is a copy of (relatively) nearby Rosslyn Chapel, in which the story culminates.

Because of the library design, and references in his works to the Knights Templar and "caskets" (two of the clues in Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code book and the film with Tom Hanks), many fans are convinced of the link between the creator of the historical novel genre and the Holy Grail. The administrators of Abbotsford have examined the idea, but they conclude that there is no evidence to justify the speculation.

Nevertheless, as the the great writer's home has been in danger of being closed owing to low visitor numbers and a corresponding lack of funding (a donation of £10 million has apparently been sought), they are perfectly happy to welcome fans of the Da Vinci Code who make the short trip from Rosslyn on their pilgrimage through France, England and Scotland to all things connected - however tenuously - with the theory it contains and the locations where the film was made. By the way, at the Scotsman website you can watch a series of five video podcasts about Rosslyn Chapel. News - Sir Walter Scott joins Da Vinci Code trail

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